Guidance Notes

Fairacres Road allotments – Notes for guidance

(Revised March 2018)

Welcome to the allotments! We hope you enjoy your time here. Please read the Constitution and Rules and the Health and Safety Statement, as well as these notes. We are an association and as such, along with having a plot to cultivate, there are certain obligations to help maintain the whole site.Therefore, members are expected to help with mowing paths, pruning hedges and joining working parties. You are expected to contribute a minimum of 2 hours a year to working parties. Do check your plot regularly so as to keep on top of it. Weeds grow very fast! The committee inspects the site monthly and may contact you if they have any cause for concern.


  • Keep your plot cultivated and weed free (during the growing season 75% shall show evidence of preparation or crop production).
  • Make sure your plants do not overhang paths.
  • Leave paths clear of all bags, tools, weeds, stones etc.
  • If your plot borders a hedge, you are required to prune it.
  • Maintain the soil fertility with regular use of compost or manure.
  • Keep all paths round your plot mown and the edges trimmed. You obviously share this task with neighbouring plot holders, but do not assume they will cut them. There is a petrol strimmer and lawn mowers in the shed for communal use. Ask a member of the committee for a demonstration or advice about these. If they go wrong please let the committee know.
  • It is advisable to have a proper CONTAINER FOR COMPOST on your plot that is kept covered to stop weeds from continuing to grow. An uncovered mound is not recommended as it is a continuing source of weeds.
    • Green waste and annuals should be composted.
    • Perennial weeds, such as bindweed and couch-grass, usually continue to grow if put on a compost heap. It is better to bag them in large rubble bags and take to the tip.
    • Woody cuttings from fruit bushes may be burned if dry.
  • Keep bonfires to an absolute minimum. They should not be used as your normal method of weed disposal. Do not burn any wet or green material. We need to be considerate of local residents and asthma sufferers. If you are going to have one, please do not light it before dusk and even then only when the wind is blowing away from Fairacres Road. There are incinerators stored in the polytunnel for general use. You can take one to your plot to use, but please return afterwards. Please ensure the bonfire is completely out before you leave it.
  • We STRONGLY urge people to work organically. If you need to cover part of your plot for a while, either use cardboard/newspaper/black plastic and mulch. Do not use carpet as it contains toxic chemicals and can become embedded with weeds.
  • You must ensure the gate is locked at all times.
  • Keep tools out of sight. We periodically have trouble with break-ins.
  • The polytunnels are for everyone’s use for starting off seeds. Please follow any notes for guidance that are displayed.
  • Your children are welcome, but come on as your responsibility. They must not cross or go on to other people’s plots, use the petrol strimmer or lawn mowers or play with hose pipes. Please be aware there are many potential hazards on site.

Watch out for announcements on the notice board, Facebook, website or sent by email.

Happy digging!


Whilst we want the site to be a fruitful and growing place for all, the committee reserves the rights to terminate a plot holder’s contract should the rules of the association not be observed.





Make full and good use of your plot


Allow perennial weeds to flourish

Mow or trim the adjoining paths

Let your plants overhang the paths

Compost in bins or covered enclosures

Allow weeds to grow on uncovered heaps

Take woody waste to the tip rather than burning it

Burn green waste

Cover your plot if you’re going away for a while

Use carpet for covering

Lock the gate when you leave

Leave tools in full view

Keep an eye on your children

Let your children play on other people’s plots or use the strimmer or lawn mowers

Use the polytunnel – but read the rules first

Expect others to clear your dead plants from the tunnel

Give 2 hours a year to a working party

Dump rubbish/bring household waste to the site for disposal